Jeb Bishop

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Here are a couple of excerpts from the new recording Tiebreaker by Jeb Bishop, Jason Roebke, and Harris Eisenstadt, on the NotTwo label:

Round Two, by Jeb Bishop (BMI)

Jacket Weather, by Jeb Bishop (BMI)

Here is a recording of my composition Belgrade, performed by Lucky 7s at the Hungry Brain on July 22, 2007.

Here is a live recording of my piece The Umbrella from a concert by the Jeb Bishop Trio (with Kent Kessler on bass and Tim Mulvenna on drums) at Eyedrum in Atlanta, October 2002. Recorded by Jeff Rackley.

Here is a recording of Mirror Image from the Atlanta concert.

Here is a recording of Michael Wilhelmi, piano; Keefe Jackson, reeds; and Jeb Bishop, from a concert at the Hungry Brain on March 29, 2009.

Here is a recording of Jeb Bishop, Per-Ake Holmlander, Johannes Bauer, and Joe McPhee, on various trombones, live at the Hungry Brain, 2 December 2007. This band will be appearing at the Nickelsdorf (Austria) Konfrontationen festival on July 11, 2009.